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Fabric Weight & Printing Methods

Understanding the Weight of Fabric


At Kennard & Kennard, just one of the main reasons fabric stores and manufacturers use our fabrics is first and foremost the quality of the fabric itself. Our fabrics are consistently produced at premium quality, as we manage our supply chain very professionally. The majority of Kennard & Kennard fabrics are an even weight high quality Quilting Cotton. We do also carry linen cotton blends. As shown in the images below of our fabrics, tight weave and superior yarn structure is of utmost importance to us, ensuring that we provide quilters and sewers with a premium quality product every time.



  1. GSM (also known as gm/2) = grams per square meter and is the metric measurement of the weight of a fabric.
  2. 20S x 20S - refers to Yarn Count - 20 defines the thickness of the yarn. It indicates the coarseness or fineness of a yarn. The thicker the yarn, the smaller the S value of the yarn, for example, the 20S yarn is thinner than the 11S yarn.
  3. 60 x 60 - means there are 60 threads going horizontally and 60 threads going vertically to form a solid weave.




Cotton Craft Fabric

Standard Patchwork and Craft 100% Cotton


100% Cotton

20S x 20S *

60 x 60*

44 inch Wide (110cm)

GSM: 140g/sqm Quilting Weight*

Used for: Patchwork Quilts, Food Wax Wraps, Cushions, Clothing such as children's dresses and shirts and many more!

*See Notes at top of page


Linen Cotton Blends

Natural Style Linen Cotton Blends


Milvale Linen Cottons:

55% Linen + 45% Cotton

11S x 11S*

55 inch Wide (140cm)

GSM: 195g/sqm*

Used for: Upholstery, Embroidery, Clothing, Quilts, Cushions and much more.

*See Notes at top of page



Organic cotton


100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

20S x 20S*

60 x 60*

44 inch Wide (110cm)

GSM: 140g/sqm Quilting Weight*


Please Note: Organic Cottons are not a standard product at Kennard & Kennard Fabrics. Please contact us on 1800 641 901 to discuss any interest in ordering 10 - 15m rolls of this product.

*See Notes at top of page


100% Cotton Backings


100% Cotton Quilting Fabric for Quilt Backings

20S x 20S*

60 x 60*

108 inch Wide (280cm)

GSM: 140g/sqm Quilting Weight*


Extra Wide and used on the back of quilts for durable quilt backing fabrics which will last for years to come.

*See Notes at top of page


Digital Print Cotton

Smaller Print Run Quantities 


Digital fabric printing on 100% cotton quilting fabric is a process involving rolls of fabrics being printed by a large format ink-jet printing machine.

Just like your office computer printer, this fabric printer contains a printing head made up of many fine nozzles, which squirt very tiny droplets of coloured inks onto the pre-treated cotton fabric.



Screen Print Cotton 

Larger Print Run Quantities


Screen printing on quilting cotton for Kennard & Kennard is a printing technique where the printing company creates separate screens for the individual colours in a fabric design. These screens are placed on top of the fabric before each ink colour is applied separately. The individual colours are often seen on the selvedge in a series of different coloured circles.