Handmade Business

The ultimate introduction to running a handmade sewing business; what is involved, how to do it well, and which fabrics you will need to use to become a successful business.

Starting a Handmade Business

There comes a time in life when people want to take their passion for fabric and turn it into a thriving business. This is especially understood by entrepreneurs starting a handmade sewing business. With so many fabric designs in the marketplace, it can become very overwhelming to know where to start. Often it is best to focus on designs that appeal to your niche market and therefore your target customer.


The importance of Quality in a Handmade Business

When starting a handmade business, you will find that your market is looking for quality products and this will become the foundation of building a customer base who trust your fabric quality. Wholesale suppliers such as Kennard & Kennard believe that excellent quality brands and trusted fabrics are the only way to set your brand apart and provide the target customers with the unique product they are looking for. Learn more about Choosing the right fabrics for your Handmade Business.


Selling your Handmade Products

Effectively releasing your handmade business products to the market is key to achieving business success. Whether you’re tech-savvy or not, these days an essential part of a business is to have an online presence, such as selling your products on Etsy, in stores or through your own website. Selling your handmade items at markets is also a great opportunity to let your ideal customers find and buy your handmade items. 


Where to buy Wholesale bolts and rolls of quality cotton fabrics

Have you considered using unique premium quality cotton fabrics? At Kennard & Kennard, we know how important it is to source quality wholesale fabrics which will ultimately result in a high quality handmade product. This is why we specialise in the highest quality materials and always striving for customer satisfaction. Kennard & Kennard are Australian wholesale fabrics suppliers only, supplying fabrics on 10 - 15 metre rolls. View our complete range of Premium Quality Fabrics online.