Longarm Quilting

The ultimate introduction to longarm quilting; what it is, how to do it well, and what you will need to run a longarm quilting business.


What is Longarm Quilting?

This is a topic specifically understood by the patchwork and quilting industry and is something you maybe ready to explore, so let's start by defining exactly what we mean when we talk about longarm quilting.

Longarm Quilting, as the name suggests, is a sewing method which involves the use of a longarm quilting machine. Thanks to the developments in technology, quilters now have options to sew quilts together rather than hand quilting which was the method used many years ago. Today, quilters do use a home sewing machine or get the quilting job done by a longarm quilting machine.

The longarm quilting machine allow the quilter to load top, wadding or batting and the quilt backing fabric into a metal frame, and sew the three layers together in one step. While the fabric stays firmly in place, the machine rolls vertically and horizontally over the quilt surface. Operation of a longarm quilting machine can be operated manually or automatically using digital quilting designs.


The Benefits of using Wide Quilt Backings for Longarm Quilting

Let's get to the point; why should you start longarm quilting using wide quilt backings?

Why should you go to the effort of using a longarm machine? Why not stay with the old-fashioned machine quilt method? The main reason to consider quilting with a longarm quilting machine is time, especially if you need to sew a large quilt. Choosing to use Quilt Backings means you will not need to join fabrics and can get started with loading all three layers onto your longarm quilting machine. If you're designing a quilt but are unable to quilt it at home, we recommend using a professional longarm quilter to give your quilt the best finish.


Where to buy Wholesale Rolls of Quilt Backing Fabrics

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