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Benartex Fabrics Suppliers

Benartex is a leading supplier of creative 100% designer cotton prints. Their goal is to provide a large selection of beautiful, fine quality cotton prints to the creative women and men worldwide who design and make quilts, crafts, wearable art, and home decorating items. Benartex is Fabric for quilters. By quilters. 

Choice Fabrics

Choice Fabrics | Wholesale Fabric Distributor

Contempo Studio-1

Inspired by the runways, the trendy street kiosks of Soho, by the colors and lights and music of the city, the Contempo studio was born. This is contemporary and modern fabric design, which means fresh, new, sophisticated and trend-setting. Perfect for the modern chic home, quilts, wall-hangings and so much more! 

Kanvas Studio

Kanvas prints can be used for home decorating, making fun and fashionable accessories, and great gifts for the entire family - including pets! Brilliant color, trendy designs and loads of novelty prints are a Kanvas trademark. Creative, innovative, and an extremely diverse, the Kanvas Studio is designing ahead of the trends.