Patchwork & Quilting Business

The ultimate introduction to running a patchwork and quilting business; what is involved, how to do it well, and which fabrics you will need to use to become a successful fabric business.

Starting a Patchwork & Quilting Business

Sewists who love Patchwork and Quilting are always on the lookout for good quality fabrics therefore the goals of an entrepreneur when starting a new fabric business for this industry is all about being able to keep selling good quality fabrics to provide their customers for their beautiful quilting projects. Many shop owners love the way KK Fabrics stock unique fabric which are not found in chain stores, allowing their customers to source premium quality cotton fabrics that aren't found everywhere.

The importance of high quality patchwork and quilting fabric

Firstly what is the difference between patchwork and quilting? Patchwork refers to an item made up of two or more fabrics sewn together to create a visual pattern, often using 100% cotton fabric. Quilting refers to the stitching that hold three layers of fabric together - the top usually patchwork, the middle the cotton or wool batting (or wadding), and the bottom a wide backing fabric, a plain fabric or patterned fabric.

The quality of the fabric you use is one of the core reasons your customers will come back to buy from you again, or not.The wash and wear quality of the fabric you choose to make your products in will either set you apart from your industry competition, or let you down. Don't risk your brand reputation by purchasing unknown or less than superb quality fabrics. It might seem like a cheaper win up front, but the long term damage (often behind the scenes!) at the customer level, is just not worth it. Build a customer base who trust your fabric quality, and return to you year after year.

At KK Fabrics we have been supplying quality fabrics to Australian businesses for 60 years and understand that quality is key to success. The one thing you can always be sure of and trust, is our quality. 

Selling your Products

Want to stand out? Are you a niche business wanting to offer unique designs such as Australiana fabrics? Is the story of the fabric part of your brand voice? Australiana and themed fabrics are our specialty, and we not only have in-house artists we also collaborate with local Australian designers for unique fabrics you will not see anywhere else. 

Are you a quilter who just loves our classic and timeless designs for quilts that that can be adored for years to come? You will love our beautiful fabric collections by Benartex and Michael Miller Fabrics. Perhaps you will love our novelty fabrics that will make an awesome child's quilt, where you can get some much inspiration in our Novelty Fabrics collection.

Where to buy Wholesale bolts and rolls of quality cotton fabrics

Have you considered using unique premium quality cotton fabrics? At KK Fabrics, we know how important it is to source quality wholesale fabrics which will ultimately result in a high quality quilting products. This is why we specialise in the highest quality materials and always striving for customer satisfaction. KK Fabrics are Australian wholesale fabrics suppliers only, supplying fabrics on 10 - 15 metre rolls.